New Kiting Equipment at the KiteWorldWide Lodge, Kenya

We just added the RITO XR2 from CORE Kiteboarding to our sortiment.

During the construction of this kite, special attention was paid to the agility. A long hang time, higher jumps, close to gravity-free free riding and awesome surfing are possible with this kite. The optimized profile lets the kiter start gliding sooner and, thus, allows for good heights. The new geometric proportions of the tip are obvious in quick turns and the maneuverability of the RITO XR2. The auto re-launch is close to perfect due to the delta-design. A new Speed Valvu One-Pump system allows for a quick and less pumping of the kite.[singlepic id=957w=300 h=200  float=left]

The new bar from CORE Kiteboarding is revolutionary. It is a CORE Sensor-Bar with a new ROTOR-Quick release. This opens in both directions with little effort. Therefore, there is no power required against the water. After releasing, the kite simply floats above the water without any pressure.

This really is a kite for everyone. No matter if you’re a beginner, advanced, free rider, free style rider, or surfer.

The Bandit 5 from F-One is a kite with an extremely large area of use. It is a kite with a high level of comfort. A high depower and a high level of safety make sure that you have a good, relaxed, and safe feeling on the water. The performance is unbelievably high and the kite is easy to handle during jumps. Water re-launch is also simple and easy to understand. The maneuverability of the kite is very exact, and the kite even reacts surprisingly well without pressure.[singlepic id=765w=300 h=200  float=right]

The Bandit makes beginners and advanced kiters as happy as professionals.

Test these kites right away at our Kitesurfing Lodge in Kenya!

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