New Kite Instructor in Zanzibar

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My name is Marc, I am 22 years old comming from Austria and it gives mnge great pleasure to be the new kite instructor of the KiteWorldWide Zanzibar-Crew.

I am actually a master carpenter (well almost…I am just missing my practical test), but last year I quit my job in order to travel. I first took a road trip to Spain, where I taught my true passion, kiting. I was immediately hooked and went right away to my water sports assistant at Lake Garda where I ended up staying there for the rest of the season. But since I wanted to go higher up I decided to complete and become a VDWS licensed instructor at KBC in Holland. I worked on my instructing skills in Hamata, Egypt. Of course working successfully on my own at the J drive, I got appointed last month as the station manager for Proboarder at Lake Reschen in South Tyrol.

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My absolute favorite tricks (which I can also do) are: Raley Kiteloop to Blind, Kiteloop S-Bend.

What I am currently working on: Backmobe, S-Bend handle pass, Kiteloop Blind Judge and Backroll Kiteloop handle pass. These are currently in the works, but not quite where I would like them to be (I’m still having hard impacts).

But I am sure that I will get these down soon….never give up!! ;)

I look forward to a windy season with you in Jambiani/Zanzibar!

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