Mitu Monteiro

Mitu Monteiro, a name that most of you are probably familiar with. He is the best wave rider in the world. He has been able to take the title of world champion and is still on the water almost every day. He started collected some of his first competition experience on his bodyboard and by wind surfing.[singlepic id=945 w=300 h=200  float=right]

He was born in Santa Maria and still lives in Cape Verde. There is probably no one else who knows the Island of Salt as well as he does. He knows every wave and every grain of sand like the back of his hand. He uses ever free minute on Cape Verde to improve his skills on the waves. He knows no fears. He never had any problems with the famous waves of Porta Preta, even though these waves are uncontrollable for many.

Mitu is sponsored by F-One, Mystik, RATA Surfwear and Triggernut. All brands that are very well-known in watersports.

[singlepic id=946 w=300 h=200  float=left]With us, he has organized an awesome Wave Camp on Cape Verde. We’re offering you a package where you will be coached by the master. He will give you important tips and show you how to work the waves. You’ll go to spots hidden to the majority of tourists. So, if you’re interesting in learning how to kite surf right, you’ll be good in Mitu’s hands.

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