Lots of fun and great wind at Seahorse Bay

On October 11th, we got a great weekly report from Biana, who works in Egypt for Ibi & friends. They reported having a great week with optimal wind conditions and cheerful, good-humored guests. The kitesurfing courses, instructed almost all by Nick and Nagy, were carried out under these conditions. You could see the satisfaction in all the faces of the guests and the mood was great. What more can you wish for from a holiday. Good company, good fun, sunshine and great kiting conditions.

After our long streak of great kiting conditions came a few calm days. However, with snorkeling and volleyball games, the good mood did not calm down. The chilled and relaxed atmosphere at Kiteclub can be contributed to the fact that everyone was enjoying their holiday. Everyone here was relaxed and engaged in lively discussions.[singlepic id=485w=300 h=200 float=right]

During the week, Bianca came back from her three-week vacation totally relaxed and pleased to find that everyone there was happy and cheerful.

During the last week, the wind came back after what felt like weeks. Whooppee WIND IS BACK! Of course, everybody was very happy and enthused. The tide came around noon time, which made the condition not ideal, but nevertheless the local team made everyone happy with their plans despite the tides. The Kiteclub opened two days ago at 7:30am and absolutely everyone, students and kites, with their own or borrowed equipment used the morning to their full advantage. They practiced to reverse launch, water starting, jibe and their first jumps. Niki and Nicole made it the first few meters on the ride board and Kartin also managed water starts. She was happy of course. Chris was practicing in the upwind and successfully made some personal successes. Evi simply enjoyed the great winds and turquoise blue water. Overall the guests were very relaxed and happy with the team from Ibi & friends and of course the team was also very happy.

One of the programs plans was the trip to Hurghada. Here, everyone can go explore the market of the bazaars and leave feeling a sense of enchantment from the Arabian flair.[singlepic id=571w=300 h=200 float=left]

With live music and cocktails, we went to Shade until the early morning hours. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone got along perfectly.
Even if some had a hard time getting up the next morning, no one wanted to miss the 16-18 knots. Thus, everyone was all ready at 8:30am at Kiteclub to begin the fun again.

In conclusion, the wind was very good and the local team looks forward to meeting new guests at Seahorse Bay Egypt!!!

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