KiteWorldWide in Cape Town

On November 1st we are launching our newest and most southern destinations in the history of KiteWorldWide!

It was only a matter of time before we unwrap another kite-class. Another must-go for any aspiring fan of flying colorful kites.


In Cape Town we have THE accommodation for kiters of all skill levels. It’s not just an apartment or a bungalow, this winner runs, very Hugh Heffner style,is  the mansion of Cape Town KiteWorldWide!

In the humble abode, we distinguish two types of rooms: deluxe and premium. All 9 pieces perfect for single to quadruple occupancy rooms. Large lounge and chill rooms, kitchen, two garages, garden and additional outdoor shower perfect for using right after your session.

Out the door, just a bit down the road and right on the spot is Sunset Beach. Depending on the swell, the waves range from one to several meters. But not as you are used to from St. Peter Ording as “cable-chaos”, but with beautiful, long-drawn, between glassy-flats. So you can really start to take it to the next level.

Sunset is the beginning of an approximately ten-kilometer bay, which runs to blouberg beach. This bay is again divided into several sections. The names you’ve probably heard before: Dolphin Beach, Table View, Kite beach. You notice it already: downwind is the next keyword! But what about the long track? Calm down. One hour from the mansion, is the best in KiteWorldWide rental Mercer, it’s off to SAs freestyle Mecca.

Cape Town is more than “just” kiting. The claim of the city is not in vain, “you do not need a holiday, you need Cape Town”. By crazed landscape, into the animal kingdom, from the dream beach and at the end as Family of the vineyard, crawling all that and more keeps Cape Town ready for you.

Our KiteWorldWide guide is with you on the spot, with helpful tips to the countless adventures on your own to explore.

The phone is ringing? Just cut the line! And off you go to South Africa!


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