Kitesurfing on Zanzibar – A nice video for the season opening!

In this video you will see why Zanzibar is supposed to be one oft the most beautiful kitespots ever.

The main instructor of our kiteschool made that video to give you some impressions of his beautiful and unique Homespot.

Staying in Jambiani means not only great conditions for kitesurfing, but also meeting relaxed people and experiencing a lifestyle where you can totally relax! Far away from all the worries and problems that are awaiting you at home. Rainy days and staying in the office longer will be substituted for summer, sun and „barefoot and lazy“.

Mid June starts the season in our KiteWorldWide destination Zanzibar and lasts until the end of September. It is about to begin!!!!

The wind is mostly sideshore and very reliable. In summer we have to walk about 100 meters so we can kite upwind of the sandbank you see in this video. Better conditions for your first kite lessons are hard to find. The sandbank forms a large shallow water lagoon, a perfect place for our lessons but also for experienced kiters and freestyler.

The spot is strongly regulated by tides but it is also possible to kitesurf under low tide conditions after a short walk on the beach.

If you are looking for kiting in strong winds and with small kites, you should probably look out for other regions like Tarifa. In Zanzibar the wind is like everything else on the island…. VERY RELAXED!


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