Kitesurfing on Cape Verde – The new kitecenter of Mitu and Djo

Finally, the most famous kite spot of the Cape Verden island Sal has its first actual kitecenter. The center is not only right on Kitebeach, it is also managed by the locals Mitu Monteiro and his buddy Djo. This is why the easygoing mentality stays while adding some major infrastructural improvements.

The new Kitecenter of Mitu and Djo is now open and everybody that has been there so far was amazed by what they have created. An old beach shag with more or less improvised structures, is now being replaced by a stylish wooden construction with an integrated kite school, restaurant, kite rental and storage.

Even though the kite center is open already there are still some minor projects that are being worked on at the moment. For example, the kite storage exists as a large container right now but will soon be replaced by some nice cabins where every guest gets his own key for.

The restaurant is already fully equipped and offers a wide variety of cool drinks and a daily dish. Everybody that knows about the cuisine on Cape Verde won’t be surprised that the daily dish is mostly fresh fish with a changing side order. Apart from that, there is always an array of pasta and some sweets like crepes and cake.
Mitu and Djo are often helping out in the restaurant so that everybody gets his meal on time. The overall mood of the staff is always cheerful and the prices are fair. It is the perfect surrounding for a relaxing break between your kite sessions.
Soon there will be a rooftop with a stunning view over the bay and a wind protection to keep the tissues on the table.
Of course there are toilets as well.

To get to the kitecenter easily we offer a shuttle from your apartment directly to the kitebeach especially for guests of KiteWorldWide. You just have to drag your sun tortured and sore body into the car in order to start exactly from where you have stopped the day before.

Even though the building itself is not completely ready yet, when it comes to kitesurfing they are fully equipped and ready for whatever you can ask for.
If you don’t bring your own gear you can be sure that they will have the perfect set up for you at sight. You can choose between the complete and latest range of F-One Kiteboarding.
The lessons are taking place right in front of the kiteschool. The conditions are ideal for wave beginners because of two small but nice running waves a bit further out, the perfect preparation for some bigger ones at other spots of the island.
Due to the water level and the consistent shore break the conditions for beginners are not comparable to the ones at Seahorse Bay. The experienced kite instructors, however, will show you exactly how to get along in the water so you progress quickly and soon be able to kite at any other spot.
The Wave Camps also begin at the kiteschool and depending on the level of the group you will explore other spots of the island together with your instructor and spot guide Mitu Monteiro himself.

For further information about our package deals and the wave camps, visit us on our Homepage.


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