Kitesurf session in Palmones in Tarifa with Nils Wesch

Palmones is the alternative spot for the days which <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Tarifa </a>is simply too intense. If the Levant is blowing through the streets of Tarifa at 40 nodes or more, here it will be at most only 20. After the 30 minute drive along the picturesque well-maintained mountain road will you get to the not-so-romantic port city Algeciras and just behind this is Palmones.

You can get to the spot from either the east or the west side; both places will have enough space to build and start. The great Rock of Gibraltar is omnipresent.

The spot is actually divided into two parts. One stretch of the beach is protected by a river mouth which leads to a small shallow lagoon, perfect for practicing tricks. Depending on the tide, it can be strong when running directly in the river; you should then avoid this area. The wind here at the lagoon is less strong and gusty. On the side of the sea the wind is constant and the water is choppy/wavy.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Nils, the new KiteWorldWide team kiter</a>, was here for his 9<sup>th</sup> en route and actually did beautiful technical tricks, which you can see in the pictures. During the aftertoon of the same day we drove back to Tarifa, which was interrupted when the guys got the idea to do a Mega-jump &amp; Kiteloop sesson on the “island.” This will be spoken about more in the next blog entry.

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