Kitesurf Beginner Course in Cape Town/Langebaan

Sven und KiteWorldWide have made it possible: The perfect beginner and intermediate course at the Kite Mansion Cape Town. How does it look like?

Day 1: Theory and Kite-Flight Workshop in Cape Town Big Bay
On the first day you will start your kite-lessons at Big Bay (aprox. 10 minutes drive north from Sunset Beach). A large, wide, flat watered and endless beach makes this an optimal location for kite surfing beginners. Before jumping into the water there are a few dry-land exercises: next to the theory of learning to kite surf, as a beginner kite surfer, like a kite – and building up to become a great rider – and what is also very relaxing is: actually learning how to fly the kite. Kite flying exercises – in principle – actually look like you are simply flying a kite.

All beginners will begin with “trainer kites” which are small, but swift kites. With these you will learn to control the wind. For those of you who already know how to fly a kite, know the movement is more like driving a bicycle than driving a car. Going onto the next step, beginners will practice flying the kite with only one hand. Even if the wind strength is relatively low, be sure to be steady on your feet and hole your ground ;). The flying exercises are topped off by the beautiful view of the Tabel Mountain from the beach. After the first day, a beginner will learn the most fundamental and crucial rule to kite surfing: controlling the kite.

Theories and other stories on kite surfing are given after the first kiting hour at the next door beach bar. In a chill atmosphere with delicious food and drinks you will get to a deeper level in regards to kite surfing practice. At the end of this power day, everyone will be ready for the next step in kite surfing.

And as for Sven? He is probably one of the most dedicated kite surfers of Cape Town – and the trainer of the KiteWorldWide kite surfing courses in Cape Town.

Day 2-4: Kite surfing in Cape Town Langebaan

From the second to fourth day there is a trip from your Kite Mansion at Sunset Beach to Langebaan (circa 100 Kilometers from Cape Town), which is a shallow water lagoon with optimal conditions for kite surfers, and especially beginners. Constant wind, wave-less water, and a beautiful scenic backdrop, makes this location truly remarkable for kite surfing. This is also the reason why a lot of kites will be found in the sky during high season, luckily the lagoon is big so they won’t be much in your way.

From the parking lot, you will walk with the kite instructor to the kite spot. This takes ten minutes and one is guaranteed a beautiful view of the lagoon. Throughout the next couple of days, training the beginning kiters will intensify in the water. Soon enough, the beginners will get a feeling for the kite and wind, get into the power-zone and begin to body-drag as a game.
With this said, a maximum learning success can be also accomplished through the semi-private workshops: a maximum of two students per kite instructor and a kiting day in the Langebaan with a perfect atmosphere and the option to dine at the beach restaurant Strandlooper for dinner. With ice cold beer and an outstanding, ten course traditional South African menu, your sore kite surfing muscles will soon be forgotten.



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