Kitespot Info Video: Essaouira / Morocco visiting KiteWorldWide in Morocco.

Essaouira is the biggest and the most popular spot in this area. The wind at the northern part of the four kilometres long and up to 800 meters broad bay is kind of bumpy but apart from there it is really steady. Because there is no curret and the water is nice and shallow the spot is ideal for beginners and ascending kitesurfers. At the middle of the bay you’ll find the KiteWorldWide partner kiteschool. Of course the center is VDWS licensed and is equipped with the latest gear.
At the southern end of the bay you’ll find a river mouth with perfect flat water, an awesome playground for all the freestylers among you.

If you also want to bring your kitesurfing to the next level, visit us in Essaouira and join one of our Kitesurf Progression & Wave Clinics.

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