KITEBOARDING Edition 7 // Test Cabrinha Switchblade- Core Rite XR2- North Rebel and a lot more

Release date: 7.9.2011 9.2011

Test: Battle of the Giants
The three most popular kite lines on the markets have recently unvieled their 2012 generations. We have North Revel, Core Riot XR2 and Cabrinha Switchblade tested and have them against each other. Read 16 jam-packed pages all about the flight characteristics, details and features of the new bestseller.

Special: Wakeskates
They are shorter than normal twintips and are driven with normal shoes instead of straps. Wakeskates are seriously mad fun. They add strapless kiting a whole new dimension. We present the best wakeskaters of the world, provide an overview of the current models and a show the riding technique, which is not difficult to make a transition.

The mother of all kite sports: Kitebeach, Maui
It is the oldest, most famous and filmed kitespot of the world. Given the special conditions of Maui’s legendary kite beach, it is a total kite-paradise. It is absolutely worth taking the long flight from Germany and we betray this through our great reportage “Perfect Playgrounds.”

And also in the new issue:
– Gallery: Sechs spektakuläre Einschläge
– Brand new twintips: The brand new 2012 boards from North and Cabrinha
– Careful over-motivatoin: The five biggest mistakes in kiting
– Driving technique: The gentle way to blind tricks
– 10 years North kiteboarding: A great history that shaped kiting
– Don Montague: The new exotic kite project cult-designer
– Marshall Islands: Where Kai Lenny and Ian Aldredge became wave gods
– Gallery: Six spectacular strikes

These and many other exciting topics can be found in the new edition- available starting the 7th of September. Have fun reading it!

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