Kite surf session and trip to Jericoacoa

Summer in Brazil does not mean high temperatures or loads of sunshine, you can get this throughout the year. But summer in Tatajuba means lots of strong wind and therewith kitesurf sessions.[singlepic id=972w=300 h=200  float=left]

The Pousada Portal do Vento is filling up with guests and concomitant competitions about the nicest jumps, fastest rides and most impressive tricks start in the shallow water lagoon, located only 50 m from the accommodation.To have the possibility to join the guest, also on the water, Alex and I went to the next village, Jericoacoa, to search for some kite equipment.[singlepic id=970w=300 h=200  float=right]

Jeri, is a small surfer village, which can be reached by the rural public transportation or with a buggy trip, offered by the pousada. Together with a group of 4 guest, Alex and I arrived in Jeri at the late evening and we went straight to the Barracas, which are lots of small booth at the beach, offering all possible kinds of caipirinhas. Various unknown creations of fruits mixed with cachaca, rum, or vodka made the kite equipment search pretty hard at the next day. Nonetheless, we bought two kites and with the help of the local
kite instructor Eloi, the kite equipment is now completed and we are able to join the competitions.[singlepic id=971w=300 h=200  float=left]

Rock´n roll on windy days,

Alex and Katha


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