Kite Learning Events at the KiteClub Seahorse Bay/Egypt

The late summer had a slow start and even at the KiteClub Seahorse Bay/Egypt this was noticeable…one may have a hard time believing it. The days were shorter and a bit cooler than usual.

But here that means: pleasant 30 to 35 degrees Celsius with a constant thermal wind on the Seahorse Bay! And great news for all of you interested in the “Kite Learn Event”- students from 17.09 to 24.09 and from 24.09 to 1.10 can expect some proper progress! With six hours a day kiting during the “Event” including tips and tricks for advanced and beginner kiters…and everyone in between!

Awesome amount of practice and a good amount of theoretical courses on the water, beach, and workshops are more than possible thanks to the great conditions. This intensive training package includes a video analysis, great photo shoots with a CD for each participant to take home.

But that’s not all! We even offer a “Learning Event” in the evening which includes a kite video night,  bonfire and BBQ in the garden of the KiteClub along with adventurous trips to El Gouna and Hurghada are also part of the program. At the end of this program we have seen a lot of exhausted, but happy faces. Everyone has gone to their limits in order to properly make this an experience-filled package.

Now it’s time for the next event, “On to the next excursion!” We are excited for the “Kite & Learning Events” in November and December.


Dear “Eventer,” the team is ready, the weather is perfect, and the wind is there…


See you soon at KiteClub Seahorse Bay!


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