Kenya – One perfect day in our KiteWorldWide Lodge Kenya

Start of the kitesurf season

Kitesurfing in Kenya

The season just started five days ago and Philipp our KiteWorldWide Head Coach Kenya is already on the spot. Right from the beginning a nice Kuzi trade wind greeted him with

a constant 20 knots and lifted him up high. This fact itself is a reason for great happiness, but Philipp got there with bulky luggage, bringing some sweet goods along with him. Such as the newest kite equipment from CORE, BEST and NORTH.


The KiteWorldWide storage is filled to the brim

Shortly before Philipp headed to Kenya, the kite manufacturer CORE delivered the newest CORE kite XR3 2014 and with it came the 2014 ARMADA board. Also packed up in his suitcases the new NORTH EVO 2013. Just waiting for you to fly, ride and feel it!

Good vibes in our kite lodge Kenya

The Kite Lodge


It is mind-blowing how the locals welcome you with such sincere cordiality, that it never makes you want to leave that place again. Yet again, another reason why the big smile on your face won’t vanish, besides all the other contributing factors, like lovely temperatures, white beaches and the perfect conditions on the water. Even the Kenyan lifestyle of „Pole Pole“ (Take it and easy and slow!) didn’t stop us from pimping up the Kite Lodge during the off-season.

On the water

On the first kitsurfing excursion to the nearby sandbanks, the spot rewarded our kiters with shallow water runways and some small waves. The team took advantage of the low-water tide and enjoyed a legendary freestyle session. Everyone was wildly enthusiastic, because the new material exceeded all expactations.


Joint dinner in the KiteWorldWide Lodge

Our cook already awaited our satisfied, muscle aching and hungry team with an amazingly delicious seafood buffet, containing fresh fish like Red Snapper, prawns and squid, along with some typical side dishes, such as Ugali. Strenghtened by this amazing delicacy, everybody went over to the „Roof Top Kiter Bar“ in order to end this phenomenal day with a tasty dava (local drink). Impatiently waiting for the next day to come, because another incredible adventure was just ahead of us. As a special exception we wouldn’t just fall out of bed onto the board, but instead we planned two dives in the Kisite National Park, since it is just 10 minutes away and famous for its many dolphin sightings.


What do you say? Did you already notice a giant smile on your face?

Then, this your chance to score some of the few spots on our „Summer Special“. If you book your trip until the 1st of July 2013, you can choose between a 4 hour „ALL YOU WANT“ kite course for all levels or 4 days of unlimited equipment testing.

Also notice that Condor supports your chance to spend your holidy on one of the most relaxed places on earth – the KiteWorldWide lodge Kenya – with some really cheap flight deals only available now!



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