Keepin’ kitesurfers busy in Cape Town

James and Manuela have been keeping busy exploring all the different sites of Cape Town.

Every day has some excitement to offer here in Cape Town. After a strong wind Freestyle day in Langebaan, we had a very hot day of no wind, where we took the chance to drive up to the “Blue Rock” Cable Park to hit some sliders. We followed this with another Freestyle day in the picturesque “Sharks Bay” in Langebaan, around one hour north of Cape Town by car.

Standing on a board is one thing to do here in Cape Town; surfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding or skating but there is also another side. We have been able to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the place. On a daily basis we are being treated to sunsets, starry skies and an amazing variety of wild life in and out of the water.

Wanna join the fun? Check out the KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town





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