Gisela Pulido – Kitesurf session in the lagoon of tarifa (Spotguide)

Gisela Pulido sent us some pictures of a nice session of hers at the lagoon of Tarifa, a nice spot with perfectly flat water that works especially well with west wind (Poniente).

The lagoon is located about three kilometers west of Tarifa at the river mouth of the Rio Jara. Unfortunately the spot is not the most reliable one around in this area but surely one of the best. There is only enough water in the lagoon if it rains a lot in the mountains so that the water level of the Rioa Jara rises or if the Atlantic Ocean pushes some water over the beach into the river mouth due to a big high tide.

If the conditions are right, the lagoon can grow incredibly big and offer enough space for about 30 kiters. The beach then shrinks to a small strip of sand in between the ocean and the lagoon. Once the lagoon is full it can last up to several weeks presenting a perfect flat water spot.

Before going all out you should, however, take a closer look at the depth of the water in every corner of the spot. The lagoon is really flat and before showing off your nicest tricks you want to make sure to have enough water at your landing. There is nothing worse than slamming head first onto ankle-deep water.

If you are lucky enough to be at the right spot at the right time you will find perfect flat water to improve your freestyle skills or to have the opportunity to practice kitesurfing in shallow water. Beginners should be secure in riding and make sure it is not too crowded.

We cannot promise that there is enough water inside the lagoon when you are travelling with KiteWorldWide to Tarifa, but we can make sure to have a guide at side that knows exactly how to get there in case the conditions are right.

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