From Zanzibar to Kenya

On the 24th of June 2012 I traveled to a paradise, Zanzibar, to gain some new impressions of the current situation and to, of course, look for new opportunities. I still remember my first impression…. the white beach, turquoise sea and the incredible vastness of the kite-area made me speechless and I thought…That must be paradise!

I spent the rest of the days of my stay with the other guests and kite instructors on the beach, at the KiteWorldWide Center, which is located directly on spot, and yes, what more can I say…we had so much fun. The kite instructors Guillaume and Eike Damm showed everyone that there are certainly other ways of kitesurfing. Placing a beer bottle on a chair that’s in the water and trying to jump over it with the kiteboard ,and many more. Check the pictures out and see for yourself :-)

The guests enjoyed themselves to the fullest. With the brand new Core kites and every day kiting in 28 degree Celsius weather in deep blue water, it was a dream. The sand bank at the spot made a perfect spot for beginners! A view you must see for yourself to fully understand its paradise-like atmosphere. During sunrise we could see the occasional traditional, small fishing boats catching fish which would then be served for lunch or dinner in the most delicious ways (there are actually “sail fish” that look remarkably similar to a sailboat in the wind :-)).

The whole day is more or less “hustle and bustle” on the beach. Children of all ages can be found playing on the beach of Jambiani, the sight of kites in the air and their drivers and are admired as a part of the culture. The feeling is one of a big family. The feeling is truly heartwarming!

And as this was the first week of my trip, it means so long Jambiani, Zanzibar, hello Kenya! Now going to Kenya, where I will enter a completely different world than Zanzibar… I cannot wait!


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