Eassaouira – Kitesurfing and Moroccan Tajine

After what seems like 12 hours on the water in Essaouira Marokko, great fun and a bit of work – the wind is blowing with up to 30 knots since several days – the hunger finally drives us back to shore.

This night we are up for something special. Not like every other day, in a hurry just buying some fruits and dry bread for supper, tonight we will spoil ourselves with traditional spices, aromas and tastes in a Moroccan restaurant. With this in mind, we stash away the gear quickly, lock up the kitesurf center and hit the road to Medina.

In the old town we meet in front of the small surfing shop, as well run by the kitesurf center. It’s already getting dark, and the many colorful lanterns throw a warm light over the narrow streets where the elderly people are enjoying the cool evening air in front of their homes. Around the fruit and veg stalls we can follow the lively bargaining for the best price. It is a perfect evening, the rest of the kitesurfing guests are slowly showing up in front of the shop with a big smile after a successful day on the water, and, after a cup of tea in front of the door, we all head for the restaurant.

For this evening, we have chosen a restaurant named Ramsess. It is said, that here we will find the best Moroccan Tajines in town.

The restaurant absolutely keeps its promise. Wonderful decorated, everything typical Moroccan, colorful, romantic in a way and above all, really cozy. Filigree ornamental lamps covered with colorful leather create a great light. After a few skeptical gazes we all decide to go for the recommended appetizer, milkshake with zucchini. ‘Supposedly good for athletes’ was the crushing argument. Indeed, we had to order another three of those! J

We decided to order and share a bunch of different Tajines, so everybody could try as much deliciousness as possible. Tajine is a dish of characteristic bowls filled with meat, fish as well as vegetables, with an excellent brew made out of different fine spices and tasty bread for dipping in. A good red wine (yes, you do find places here and there in Morocco where you can buy alcohol) gets the conversation going. Guests, who have been here for a while, share their stories and report on wind conditions, hazards in the water and their favorite spots around the area as well as giving tips as to what else one shouldn’t miss out on in Essaouira. Of course Sara and Nasser add their stories, explain a bit about the kitesurfing center, its origin and let us gain a valuable insight of their hometown Essaouira.

An informal and nice social evening where one gets to know a bunch of different people and establish new friendships. All in a sudden it’s all happening right around you and in a fascinating way, you almost feel like home.


Afterwards we continue to the bar Taros, which we’ve more or less visited every evening so far, to finish up the evening with a beer.

By the way, from here we can view the idyllic, famous harbor of Eassaouira, with all the small blue fishing boats…. Just astonishing!


Wearied by the long day we head back to the hotels and Riads sleeping, in order to be ready for the water and fit to fight the wind the next morning…



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