Downwinder on Zanzibar

Like in many other KiteWorldWide destinations we also offer two different downwinders in Zanzibar. The shorter one is between Jambiani and Paje and has a distance of eight kilometers taking about 1.5 to 2 hours. The longer one is between Jambiani and Michamvi passing Paje. The distance is about 22 kilometers and we would be on the water for 3 to 3.5 hours.

To get to know the east coast of Zanzibar there is actually no better way than doing a downwinder with experienced instructors that know the spots and the area. Apart from that you will get helpful tips to increase your kitesurfing in the waves as well as in flat water.

Tourstart in Jambiani

Downwinder on Zanibar

Downwinder on Zanzibar


In the following the downwinder between Jambiani and Paje is being described since it is the more frequent one and gives you a nice overview of what to expect.

As the wind dictates the direction you move, the starting and exit point change with it. In summer we set up our gear right in front of the KiteWorldWide Lodge in Jambiani and after awakening the tired muscles with a few tacks we head out to the reef where nice and clean waves are waiting for us.

Reaching the reef about two kilometers meters off the coast you will have a fantastic view on the island. Only kitesurfers and the local fishermen have the opportunity to see Zanzibar from that point of view.

Fantastic Panorama

Reef – Zanzibar

Reef – Zanzibar

If you are lucky enough you get to see some jumping fishes saying hello on the way or maybe even a whale swimming around outside of the reef.


The waves at the reef are usually very clean with nice glassy flats in between. As they are really breaking on the spot you can choose how big you want to go or if you just want to view them from a safe distance.

After getting your work done in the waves we cut forward to the beach having the opportunity to relax a bit at a flat water spot or trying to get your freestyle moves working. Because the waves are really fun to kite at, we soon cut back to the reef in order to enjoy the waves one more time, before heading to the beach in Paje.

Kite-crowds in Paje

Getting closer to Paje you will see more and more kites. At the main spot it is sometimes hard to pass them all, this is why we usually exit at the beginning of the beach and pack our gear over there. You will really appreciate the space in front of the KiteWorldWide Lodge Zanzibar once you’ve seen the crowds in Paje.

The bars however are really nice with good music and cool beers. This is what we don’t want to keep away from you, so we will have some drinks and chill out together at one of the bars. The taxi will already be waiting for us so we can just get our stuff and drive back to the relaxing life in Jambiani.

Dreamlike views and new experiences

Kitesurfing and Downwinder

Kitesurfing and Downwinder


In summer the wind direction is pushing us from Jambiani to Paje and in winter it is the other way around. Just be aware of not enjoying the drinks in Paje too much if you are doing the downwinder in Winter.

As we want to keep it safe and fun for everybody it is crucial to be an experienced kiter and being able to progress downwind. Before we start the trip we want to be sure that you have the skills and you know how to selfrescue.

If you are using your own gear you want to make sure that everything is good to go and to double check all the fragile parts. The price varies according to the number of participants.

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