Core Kiteboarding GTS2- Test Part 4-Conclusion

First conclusion (Philipp)
As a conclusion we can say the delta kite has enough for safety and relaunch. This kite is fast, steady, and offers a lot of power for loops!

First conclusion (Juergen)
Finally, a kite which cover all conditions and requirements of advanced kiters. Whether playing with strong freestyle kite loops, and unhooked strapless jumps in the Baltic Sea wave. Apparently this is not a kite to win the PKRA with. And also not a kite, which has been cooperating with Ben Wilson in 10 meter waves in Fiji. But I also do not ride the NEM Formula 1 and the kite covers all normal riders and demanding requirements of advanced off really very, very good. Even though I personally have long resisted yellow-white, which is the kite that I take in the future along for the ride.
You can find prices, sizes and wind range of GTS2 here. If you really want to specify one of these racers, just write a mail to With us you can receive a travel voucher to any kite purchase amounting to € 100!
If you want to test the kite itself, you can do so between the months of June and September in our kite schools in Kenya and Zanzibar. From August to February there will be brand new CORE GTS2 gear used in courses at the KiteWorldWide Center Brazil.

Philip and Juergen tested it in Kenya on the Baltic and North Sea with wind at 14-45 knots, in sizes 7, 9, 10 and 12 sqm.

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