Core Kiteboarding GTS2 Test- Part 2

It is smoldering on Fehmarn – the guys from CORE have drilled out the GTS!

Kiteboarding came just in time for us, before the start of the Kenyan season’s “All-In-One sport edition kite Futures C GTS2” straight from the year 2031 have been flying by DeLorean, so we like to start with the first emerging Kusi winds the kite were able to test extensively.
Background – the emergence of speculation GTS2

The pilots were a bit annoyed that the successfully built family kites did not receive published positive feedback in the “scene” even though they were proven a success.
They have proven that they know with a lot about their craft.
The GTS2 is aggressive enough to scrape by with the young guns, but still a very solid all-round CORE kite, with all its virtues.

GTS2 Test Part 3
You can find prices, sizes and wind range of GTS2 here. If you really want to specify one of these racers, just write a mail to With us you can receive a travel voucher to any kite purchase amounting to € 100!
If you want to test the kite itself, you can do so between the months of June and September in our kite schools in Kenya and Zanzibar. From August to February there will be brand new CORE GTS2 gear used in courses at the KiteWorldWide Center Brazil.

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