CORE Kiteboarding GTS2- First Impression and Pictures (Test Part 1)

The wait is finally over. Kiteboarding has launched the GTS2: a real, freestyle-oriented kite making even C-Kite beginners happy and satisfied!

Today you can get access to the long-awaited packet from CORE through us at the KiteWorldWide office in Hamburg’s Portuguese quarter. These go hand-in-hand with our large trips, in our kite schools in Kenya and  Zanzibar. (And we keep a few here for ourselves.. ;) ).

In in January of 2012 we were able to watch the CORE CTS in the sky in Sal/Cape Verde. Fast turns, high jumps and power in kiteloops seem to be the thing expected and experienced from this kite.

Compared to its predecessor, GTS, the GTS2 is like a complete cure.  It is not just a modified version of the old model, but a truly new shape. It is similar to the first moment a slingshot RPM or Naish Park on New-Kiterisch: Open-C. More discussions in preparation of and also the kite in the hand/on the lawn show some difference to this model:


1. The Core GTS2 has 5 Struts. RPM has only 3. This should offer more stability. The other cross-tubes are pulled down a lot towards the end-tips providing more agility.

2.There is a type of recognizable “Delta” with the new Core GTS2. This means that the front-tubes fall diagonally to the rear giving more depower and better relaunch.

3. The “C” of the Core GTS2 is not as deep as the conventional C-kite, but is also flatter than an open-C. It is somewhat in the middle. This is the “future-C.”

The cloth that holds the bar and all the lining and rope appears to be very solid and hold all of the stresses and strains which we probably don’t need to write about so much in this post. If you want to test the kite for yourself, you can do so starting June until Septemeber in our kite schools in Kenya and Zanzibar. From August to Februar you can also gladly do this at our brand-new KiteWorldWide Center Brazil where the new Core GTS2 is of course also used.

Overall there is a very successful first impression. Details will follow in the following report on this subject-and also a field report of the screen once there is wind again. Especially what the little 7-series did to us…

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