Cape Verde and Mauritius are some of the best wavekiting spots in the world

Cape Verde

As the weather gets cold, riders are most attracted to go to warmer areas. On Cape Verde, kite conditions are ideal: beautiful location and comfortable warm temperatures. The reliable winds blow 4-6 Bft. and the local thermals are usually strengthened.

Whether you are looking for speed slopes, elongated swells or steep breaking waves, Cape Verde offers something for everyone! Not to mention the world famous wave spot Ponta Preta. The peninsula is surrounded by a reed which conjures up incredible waves. The reef is very dangerous, but the waves at Ponta Preta make up for this. [singlepic id=955w=300 h=200 float=left]

On Kitebeach, it is about a 10 minute drive from Santa Maria where you will find a coral reef approximately 100 meters from the beach. Here there are nice clean waves, perfect for wavekite-climbers. There is no current, since the waves are so clean, making it a perfect area for learning.

On top of this, Cape Verde has a lot to offer. It is the island of Sal and the large salt fields are well worth visiting. The many small streets of Santa Maria are filled with shops, bars and restaurants.

Mitu Monteiro works on Cape Verde with us and offers an exclusive Cape Verde Wave Camp. You will learn directly from the wavekiting champion, giving you the best chance for a super start in learning to wavekite.


Le Morne, around the cliff Le Brabant, is an unbelievable spot. Here you will find three giant wave spots. Kiters find the breaking of the wave swells not harmless. The wind here comes from the left shore side.

The lagoon is surrounded by a reef where you can find waves between 1 and 3 meters high. The area of the inner reed is perfect for riders who are just starting to kite in the waves.

About 2km further out in the outer reef, Manawa, you will find a lot of high waves. You should definitely not be here. The reef is about 2 meters deep and thus a perfect playground for the already experienced wave kiters.

Further downwind of the lagoon is the famous wave spot OneEye. [singlepic id=954 w=300 h=200 float=right]This spot is only for absolute masters or freaks. The water here is very shallow and the waves have a lot of power and go quickly. But it is always worth a trip to look at the cool moves of the experts.

On any given wave spot in the water, the start of the kite in the water, is a 100% guarantee.

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