Anne Valvatne – Introduction

Hey guys! :)

I am the new employee and Norwegian German team rider for KiteWorldWide.
I have lived in Germany since 2007 and have completed my degree in International Tourism Management in Bremen in 2011. As a certified wind, kite, snowboard and ski instructor, I have seen many parts of the world, such as Greece, Brazil, Germany and Austria and they all hold a special place in my hear. Many can not understand why I have chosen Germany as my home, but since this past May I have live in Hamburg and been working for KiteWorldWide, where I am working on expanding into new markets – first, of course Scandinavia. I am very glad to be here and am now super comfortable in Hamburg.
Of course, Hamburg is also a brilliant base for my training sessions in Fehmarn, in St. Peter Ording, on the lagoon or on Darßer. Germany has just some of the best spots in the world!
Tomorrow we travel to St. Peter Ording where I will attend (and my teammate Nils Wesch, KiteWorldWide team rider) at the World Cup. Until now I’ve had a few contests (among other things, I shocked everyone when I won the 2010 German championships-because no one knew me), but I think the nerves are on edge for quite such a huge event.
So keep your fingers crossed for me, as I give it my all!




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