A little bit of a business class feeling with TUIfly (premium menu review)

Bon Voyage Menü
Since many of our destinations offer flights with TUIfly-and this would be my fourth time flying through them in the past 6 months- I thought that I would try the premium food (menu “Bon Voyage”) this time, which can be ordered when booking a flight. I decided to try this out and tell you about my experience. Besides, I hope to be hired by the airline to be a first-class food tester on a flight of my choice…but that’s another story.

A surcharge of 14.90 was announced prior, but nevertheless my expectations were quite low.

One knows this from previous flights that those flying business class tend to get a little more than just simple service: actual food, real napkin, real silverware and so on.

And I must admit that the expectations were definitely exceeded. Top thing would of course be the fast service. The stewardess (sorry, flight attendant) checked for the people who booked premium seats or who just ordered food directly because they are served before all the others. This is great if you eat fast, then sleep and, then in my case, want to continue on working (and write this blog entry).

But the food was also really good. Duck breast served with a mango salad, saltimbocca with beans and rosemary potatoes. Delicious. This is clearly not gourmet restaurant quality, but far above the normal “airplane food.” A real surprise and treat was the desert camembert, which either by coincidence or intention, was served at the perfect temperature. Even the coconut foam dessert also looked quite tempting.

The only downfall I can think of was that not even one alcoholic drink was served with the menu, and in my opinion it would have fit perfectly with the tasty cheese. Thus, if you want wine you have to pay an extra fee of 4.50€.

All in all it was a rather positive experience and I would gladly recommend it.

You can fly to our destinations in Egpyt, Fuerteventura and to Cape Verde through TUIfly.

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