Logbook entry #18 | From Portimao to Madeira

One or another will remember the 12th of October 2015. Defintitely a very special day for Axel. Under the best sailing conditions, clear sky and tail-east wind Axel Hackbarth and his Zest set sail and started their six-month sail from Hamburg to the Caribbean. After many adventures and lots of unexpected stresses and strains, which […]

Logbook Entry #17 | Back on track?

For some time Axel exchanged the singing of the wind for the silence in the library. After all the unexpected exertions while searching the best kitespot, Axel spent some time on fnishing his dissertation. Now he is back in Portugal and ready for continuing his adventure! But he had to go over some troubles again. […]

Logbook Entry #16 | It’s finished!

We haven’t heard anything from our Captain Axel for some weeks. But he was far away from sitting around doing nothing. Instead of taking a sunbath in Portugal, he was busy to get the „Zest“ back on track again. After all the to-ing and fro-ing between Axel and the insurance, he decided to build up […]

Logbook Entry #15 | Chin up!

Things never turn out the way you expect them to! Sadly, our captain Axel also had to experience that. Because of the dismasting of the Zest he is still stranded in Portugal. Certainly the atmosphere is not that cheerful. But we have good news! The mast is ordered, the wait is over soon! Hopefully. While […]

Logbook entry #14 | Oh Boy!

In the last days we got some worried mails and phone calls: Where is Axel? Why don’t we hear new stories from him? No, we didn’t forget to update our map. Axel’s position just didn’t changed too much. The reason: The Zest had a dismasting! It seems as Portugal desperately wants to keep Axel on European ground. […]

Logbook entry #13 | Shore Leave once again

Axel got away from the warm quay wall in Porto and raced down the Portuguese coast. The dissertation is not finished yet but a real captain needs the open sea. Unfortunately he got stuck again – at least for a few days. But from the beginning: Axel spent his last days biking with the new crew […]

Logbook entry #12 | At full speed towards warmth

Our Captain just scraped the last icicles off his beard and then entered the Marina Porto Atlântico. He couldn’t bear the cold days in the North so he raced from France through the Biskaya, past every dolphin, to finally soak up the Portuguese sun. Actually our captain wanted to work on his dissertation in Porto. But unfortunately Axel […]

Logbook entry #11 | The Captain’s New Toys

Finally Axel got his new kite gear! When we told the Core Kiteboarding lads about Axel’s adventure and his route, they wanted to take part instantly and to supply the gear for the trip. It fits perfect because since there is the new Special Line from Core both of Axel’s main kite passions are covered: Freestyle & Wavekiting! […]

Logbook entry #10 | Axel’s search over?

Axel gave us a real scare on the weekend. Our captain just sent us these four words: “Axel’s search is over”. At KiteWorldWide we imagined the worst: Was his new rudder broken after only one week? Was the Zest wrecked? After Axel’s rudder crack in October we had all the crazy possibilities in our minds at the KiteWorldWide-Office in Hamburg. The enlightenment […]

Logbook entry #9 | Sail away Dover. Finally free!

The headline already makes it clear: After three weeks in Dover Captain Hackbarth is finally allowed to leave the english mainland. Tough times for the sea bear at the port and the fresh salt-breeze just reinforced his longing for the waves. Fortunately his buddy Kevin was on his side, who will accompany him to Porto. Together they […]

Logbook entry #8 | Sick of the land

For all those, who didn’t get the latest news: Two weeks ago on the way through the English Channel Axel’s rudder cracked, so his Zest stagnated off Dover. In the tight passage (see map), fortunately he was saved very fast by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. You can check all the happenings in the Logbook entry #7. Back then […]

Logbook entry #7 | Rudder crack off Dover

Currently Axel would love to have the little problems, which he had to fight against in the last logbooks, like inclined positions or no wind. Why? Because now “The” disaster happened. The rudder cracked completely and floats now along the English Channel off Dover. Fortunately the Dover coastguards were faster than the 400 meters long container ships. They towed the “Zest” […]

Logbook entry #6 | Race through the English Channel

“Best wishes from Don Quichotte.” That’s how Axel got in touch with us, after leaving the Scheveningen harbour, to enter the English Channel through big offshore wind farms. Recently at his side is “Sancho Panza”, also called Georg, who is a skipper on the Alster and the founder of Hamburg city sailing. The non-wind period […]

Logbook entry #5 | Up one minute – down the next

That’s how Axel could have felt, after the wind didn’t stop blowing in the first place, but then stopped immediately. In Logbook entry #4 we told you about nine knots. But Wednesday night the wind died down so much, so that Axel had to set full sails. Yesterday morning the wind stopped completely, what meant: “All sails […]

Logbook entry #4 | With nine knots southwards

The wind doesn’t let Axel down at the moment. With 9.2 knots he didn’t beat his top speed, which is 11.1 knots, but in single-handed sailing he definitively broke his record. The only problem: Autopilot “Hein” can’t handle 20 – 25 knote wind and a full sail area. So Axel had to take in his […]

Logbook entry #3 | Adieu, Germany!

Our Skipper Axel left Helgoland at 12 p.m. today, and therefore he left Germany for a long time. With perfect wind in his sails and a warm jacket on his body, he is now on his way in the sunny south. And especially sun is what his solar cells need at the moment to generate […]

Logbook entry #2 | First stop – first inclined position

Yesterday he left the Hamburg harbour at dawn. Today Axel Hackbarth is already 150 kilometres away from the Hansestadt. Via Cuxhaven he sailed to Helgoland, where his boat lies at anchor right now. The Zest, the boat’s name, still has thousands of kilometers to go – a first test she had to pass already: And that’s how the “control room” looked […]

Logbook entry #1 | Sails have been hoisted

This early morning, the time had finally come. Under the best sailing conditions, clear sky and tail-east wind Axel Hackbarth and his Zest set sail and started their six-month sail from Hamburg to the Caribbean. (From left to right: Denis the founder of Kernenergie, Peter the founder of Schwerelosigkite, Axel the skipper and Juergen founder […]