Experience exclusive kite holidays – WorldWide!

Are you looking for that unforgettable Kite holiday? Far off of crowded lagoons or no wind spots? You already checked out El Gouna, Cumbuco and you just cannot stand the massive amount of people at your home spot? Are you flickering through the kite magazines but nothing seems to be ideal unless you are a millionaire or a pro kite surfer?

We got your back! We specialized in delivering extraordinary holidays custom made for kite surfers: Empty spots with wind guaranteed and just the right mixture of remoteness that is conveniently situated. We do not work with big hotels but we make sure you can live within a small group of like-minded people where everybody has a similar kite level. Furthermore, we only have the best material from the actual season in our kite centers at the spots so that the material that suits you best is always available. On top of that our full service includes best price booking for your flight as well as a complete individual consulting to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Being Kite surfers ourselves, we are always on the search for the best kite holiday. We have been doing this for the last seven years, tried a lot of different things and always had a ton of fun. Now we would like to pass on the experiences we’ve made to you so you can just sit back and enjoy the kite holiday of your life. With us at your side we spare you further trouble booking a kite holiday by yourself. We are talking about no kite beaches, hotels that are a nightmare, exploding transfer costs or a night in jail (and yes, this has happened before ;)). We also take care of your transfer from the airport to your accommodation so you can start your holiday relaxed.

To guarantee high standards regarding quality and service we deliver specialised exclusive kite holidays, which are hard to find anywhere else. The trips are either accompanied by us or partners that we are working with for a while and that we trust completely.

Have a look at our destinations and you will find that our kite surfing holidays are not only holidays but outstanding events really.