KiteWorldWide Villa Camp – Dakhla

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KiteWorldWide Villa Camp – Dakhla

(Learn to) kitesurf and stay right at the enormous lagoon of Dakhla


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+ Gorgeous Kite Villa Camp
+ Diverse, shallow flat water spot in front of the Camp and wave spots around the corner
+ Perfect wind conditions from March to October, good wind from November to February
+ VDWS licensed kite center  under KiteWorldWide management
+ Exclusively only at KiteWorldWide 

Dakhla is for many the definition on perfect kitesurfing conditions. Likely the largest kitesurf lagoon throughout the world is matched with perfect wave spots just across the 40 km long peninsula. On top, the wind probability even match the steady and constant wind you thought only to be in Brazil. And, you will have all this almost throughout the whole year.

The outcome: A complete kite destination for beginners, intermediates, freestylers and wavekiters.

However, until now, another side of this golden coin existed. Basic camps with no or little comfort as well as crowded kitecentres kept many away from visiting Western Sahara, the land with an endless coastal line now being under Moroccan control. The unappealing flight connection via Casablanca –normally combined with an expensive overnight stay, didn’t really do things better.

With excitement we received the message from our long-time partner in Essaouira that they’ve found a solution to the known disadvantages of the destination Dakhla. A new, comfortable kite accommodation with six mini villas, all of them facing the spot and an astonishing boutique hotel design, which gives the accommodations and common rooms a fresh flair and atmosphere. And, all this at on of the best spots in the lagoon. If that’s not enough, we also tested a new flight connection with exclusive conditions for KiteWorldWide guests and can report: It’s a great way getting there!

Subsequently in November 2013 we embarked on a journey with a five man team including the production company Gleiten.TV to examine this new rising star of a kitesurfing destination.

We were simply lost for words. So, have a look yourself at the Dakhla travel video from Gleiten.TV:


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Kitesurfing in Dakhla

Dakhla kite lagoon: Beginner and freestyle spot

Directly at the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp you will find the kite lagoon, which makes flat-water fans hearts’ beat two times faster and enables beginners to quickly make their first metres on the board. The spot is influenced by ebb and flow, yet the low tide still leaves the lagoon with sufficient water and space for everyone. Depending on the tidal level you will have a 150m to 300m wide shallow water area just in front of the KiteWorldWide centre. This is where 90 % of you will spend most of the time. The ground is sandy without any disturbing rocks or corals and the wind blows constantly and side-shore from the left. Thus, this spot offers the maximum of safety for beginners and ideal conditions for freestylers. Even during the main high season, when the mass kite cams located about 1,5-2km away on the other side of the lagoon are full, you will always find enough space here.
For more information on the many other kitesurfing spots in Dakhla, have a look at the section “further kitesurfing info’s”.

KiteWorldWide kite surf holiday packages

Dakhla is just one of the many KiteWorldWide destinations where we offer complete “no worry” packages for the maximum of fun during your holiday and no hidden costs. Like this, your expenses at site are reduced to an absolute minimum (e.g. only for beverages / alcohol).

KiteWorldWide services included for all guests

  • Accommodation in the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp Dakhla
  • Full board (extensive breakfast, 3-course menu for lunch and dinner)
  • Airport transfer round trip
  • Excursion and downwind tour to the white dune
  • BBQ at the Villa Camp
  • Free use of surfboards and SUPs
  • Extensive alternative program (surf & SUP, fishing, excursions)
  • If required: kite storage
  • If required: rescue, launching and landing service

Kitecenter Dakhla

KiteWorldWide Kite Center Dakhla

Our new KiteWorldWide Kiteschool lays just next to the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp. Experienced instructors and brand new equipment from BEST kiteboarding combined with perfect beginner and intermediate conditions in a flat-water lagoon directly at your hotel makes for the easiest way to learn kitesurfing.
There is a motorboat ready for downwind excursions or every situation where it might be needed.
The weekly excursion to the white dune is included in your travel price.
Logically you can store your own equipment at the centre and energetic assistants are always ready to help launching and landing your kite (always included in the travel price).
Activity-guarantee for all guests
In the rare case of windless days we offer an alternative program for all over guests: Surfing, Stand-Up paddeling (SUP), fishing with the motorboat and other excursions. Guests staying with KiteWorldWide are welcome to participate at no extra charge.

Course / Gear


In the VDWS kiteschool Dakhla lessons are held in English by professional and licensed instructors. In order for you to make the fastest possible progress, the kite courses will be hold in small groups of 2 students max.
The VDWS kitesurf license is included in the beginner and intermediate courses.


The kiteschool keeps the newest and most up-to-date equipment from this season. The large kitepool contains kites and boards from BEST kiteboarding (TS, Kahoona, Spark).
Additionally, there are surfboards and SUPs available.


(VDWS Level 0-1)
12hrs course with kite equipment rental included also for the rest of your stay (incl. extension days). The VDWS textbook and licence is included in this package! All courses are held with a maximum of 2 persons per instructor.


(VDWS level 2 – 3)
8hrs course with kite equipment rental included also for the rest of your stay. The VDWS textbook and licence or the level upgrade is included in the package!


(VDWS Level 4-7)
Three hours private lesson to reach your individual goal and gear rental for the rest of the week. (The course can be scheduled flexible during the week)


Kite equipment rental package (VDWS level 5 needed)
Advanced kitesurfers (able to stay upwind) without their own kite equipment (or with no wish to carry along equipment or pay for extra sporting luggage) can book the rental package. In this way you always have the right sized kite available or you can test kite gear of the current season.

Extra Services

Individual kitesurfers with own equipment and company
Just bring your own gear and hit the water. Storage, rescue service, launch and landing service as well as alternative and social program is also included in this package. Of course also your non-kiting company can attend all these activities.

Private Lessons
You are welcome to take private lessons in order to reach your personal goal. Simply book your hours additionally to your individual package:

2hrs: 130€, 4hrs: 250€, 6hrs: 375€, 10hrs: 600€

Accommodation directly at the kitesurf spot

KiteWorldWide Villa Camp Dakhla

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about the spartan camps in Dakhla. The brand new KiteWorldWide Villa Camp offers you a comfort, which makes these spacious, out of rock constructed sole bungalows, look like small private villas.


The heart of the Villa Camp is the open restaurant with its 180 degrees unique view to the spot through a single glass wall. Here, all guests gather around a great wooden table for breakfast, lunch and dinner or simply to relax in the lounge area.
Just next door you’ll find the kitesurfing school.


The six mini villas are lined up just next to each other. Thanks to fascinating architecture all bedrooms and terraces offer you a view to the lagoon without having your privacy disturbed.

The mini villas consist of a very ample bedroom, which, based on request, can be equipped with different beds; a double bed with a comfortable 160cm wide mattress, an additional large single bed for triple occupancy or two single beds for the twin room. A writing desk with cupboards and bedside tables makes your bedroom complete.

In the back part of the villas you will find a spacious shower and a second room with the WC.

Behind this is a dressing room with two separate sinks and trays.
The absolute highlight is the additional, roofless outside bathing area with a large bathtub and a rainforest shower.

Catering: full board

The Camp offers you a generous full board, as the next village is about 30km away.

In the morning you will have a nice energizing breakfast with bread, croissants, eggs, cheese, cornflakes, fruits, coffee, tea and juice. Please understand that there are no cold cuts of meat available in Morocco.

At lunch and dinner you can expect a delicious and healthy 3-course menu with a mix of local and international dishes. Of course there will also be a barbeque. Excursions to traditional Moroccan are repeatedly offered where you will dine like locals together with the team from the hotel and the kitecentre – a true culinary experience!

Water with the meals is included, further beverages – also alcohol – are sold at fair prices in the restaurant (beer about 2.50€).

On request, of course we also cook vegetarian.

Start-up note on the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp Dakhla:

The Villa Camp opens in February 2014. We from the KiteWorldWide team already lived there in November 2013 and the accommodations were finished. Only the outdoor facilities are still missing the last touch. Please understand that in the first few months after the opening a certain fine-tuning will still be missing. The plants need some time to grow, and certainly there will still be some last works for the finish up to be done. Hence, the prices have been reduced until the 31.3. (the main season in Dakhla normally starts at the 1.3.)


1 week in the Villa Camp with full board......Kite
Beginner Package
Intermediate Package
Advanced Package
Weekly price p.P. quadruple occupancy (Season I, II,III)515€ / 555€ / 615€815 € / 855 € / 915 €815 € / 855 € / 915 €815 € / 855 € / 915 €715€ / 755€ / 815€
Weekly price p.P. in triple occupancy 550€ / 590€ / 690€580 € / 890 € / 950 €850 € / 890 € / 950 €850 € / 890 € / 950 €750€ / 790€ / 850€
Weekly price p.P. in single occupancy750€ / 795€ / 860€990€ /1090€ /1190€990€ / 1090€ / 1190€990 € / 1090 € / 1190€890€ / 990€ / 1050€
Weekly price p.P. in double occupancy590€ / 670€ / 695€890 € / 950 € / 995 €890 € / 950 € / 995 €890 € / 950 € / 995 €790€ / 850€ / 890€
Kite surf courseno course12 hours8 hours3 private lessonsno course
Kite gearKite equipment for the course & the rest of the weekKite equipment for the course & the rest of the weekKite equipment for the course & the rest of the weekKite equipment for the week

Season 1 (low): 11.01. – 28.02. & 15.11. – 19.12. / Season 2 (mid): 15.09. – 14.11. & 01.03. – 31.03. / Season 3 (high): 20.12. – 10.01 & 01.04. – 14.09.


Dakhla is a heavenly kitespot. In order not to raise false expectations, we would like to point out some important facts:

Although, travelling to Dakhla has become much easier, you still have to take a combination of different airlines and most of the time there will be an overnight stay on your way back. (either in Grand Canary or Casablanca)

The total cost of your journey (incl. overnight stay on your way back) add up to approx. 450 – 800 €.

Please consider, that you will not have any additional costs (except alcoholic beverages / beer 2,50 €) on site, because airport transfer, full board catering etc. are already included in your holiday travel package.

Other activities in Dakhla

Activities included in your travel price

Surfing & SUP

If you would like to experience the indescribable feeling of riding a wave without wind, the kiteschool offers tours free of charge to different wavespots on the Atlantic side of the Dakhla peninsula on days with light or no wind. The equipment is free at your disposal. You will get a spot description and if needed a crash course in how to paddle and surf. You should definitely not miss out on this!


The kiteschool boat takes you into the vastness of the lagoon on the search for your fresh evening dinner. Your catch of the day is prepared and cooked at the camp in the evening.

White Dune

The weekly excursion to the stunning white dune – either as a downwinder with pickup service or with the four-wheel drive – is a true ride through the desert of Sahara with its’ unique panorama view giving you that special desert feeling.

Activities to book on site

More kitesurf info


Dakhla kite lagoon: Beginner and freestyle spot

Directly at the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp you will find the kite lagoon, which surely makes flat-water fans hearts’ beat two times faster and enable beginners quickly to make their first metres on the board. The spot is influenced by ebb and flow, yet the low tide still leaves the lagoon with sufficient water and space for everyone. Depending on the tidal level you will have a 150m to 300m wide shallow water area just in front of the KiteWorldWide centre. This is where 90 % of you will spend most of the time. The ground is sandy without any disturbing rocks or corals and the wind blows constantly and side-shore from the left. Thus, this spot offers the maximum of safety for beginners and ideal conditions for freestylers. Even during the main high season, when the mass kite cams located about 1,5-2km away on the other side of the lagoon are full, you will always find enough space here.

White Dune: a 10 km dream flat-water downwind trip

Every advanced kitesurfer should do experience the unique downwind tour through the lagoon to the breathtaking White Dune. That’s why we have included this Dakhla kite excursion in your travel price. Your experienced kite guide will accompany you as you pass the Worldcup spot and the speed spot on the way to the White Dune where a shuttle will pick you up. The once of you not yet having the level for a downwinder can enjoy the ride to the dune with the 4×4 drive through an amazing desert panorama.

Dakhla kitesurf speedspot: only for advanced

Behind the dune on the other side of the lagoon you will discover this legendary speed spot. Here the wind blows off-shore which caused miraculous flat-water conditions. The speed spot is easily accessible for advanced kiters just by a short downwinder from the centre.

Dakhla kite Worldcup spot: for advanced

Once a year in March one of the camps at the opposite side of the lagoon hosts the Dakhla Kite Worldcup Tour Stop. Here you will find loads of other kitesurfers as well as slightly choppy conditions. We recommend to watch the ‘spectacle’ from a distance, preferably on a downwinder to the speed spot or the White Dune. As you must be able to beat upwind in order to come back, this is nothing for beginners.

Dakhla City wavespot Oum Lamboiur: For advanced wave kitesurfers

You reach this fantastic wave spot within a 20 drive. You should mind the tide forecast, as the northern part of the bay consists of a rocky ground, which at low tide might become an issue to the fins of your board. Sheltered by the point, the waves role in almost glassy.

Pointe de l’Or: A nearby wavekite point break for wavekite beginners to experts

It won’t even take you 10 minutes with the four-wheel drive drive to get to this wavekite spot, and we promise, it will shortly take your breath away. A point break with side-shore wind. And, depending on the tide and swell, an up to 500m long wave rolling endless through this clear water bay. The waves are rather small in the summer months, so we advice wavekiters to pick a travel period between September and May. However, during the winter months from November to February, you will no longer have a 90% wind yield, but surfing offers a highly appreciated alternative (already included as an alternative program in your travel price). The waves here can get fairly big (three to four metres, at some days even more), hence you should definitely know your limit. The kite-able part of the bay offers a sandy ground and safe conditions for wavekite beginners

General information about your kitesurf holidays

The KiteWorldWide Villa Camp Dakhla is located about 30 km north of Dakhla at the beginning of the peninsula. The airport transfer takes about 20 minutes and is included in the price.

Which entry documents do I need?

Please make sure your passport or your identity card is valid for at least six more months. Residents from outside of Germany should inform themselves at the Moroccan embassy in advance.


Do I need a visa?

At this point there are no visa charges for German residents. Please remember to bring a pen to fill out entry and departure documents at the airport.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

Right after the arrival you will be picked up by a transfer driver of the camp and be brought directly to the KiteWorldWide villa camp.

How long is the travel time and what flight connection is the best?

There are no direct flight connections at the moment to Dakhla.That‘s why you have two different choices to get to this kitesurf paradise. We have tested both of them and we have negotiated  special conditions for our KiteWorldWide guests. Of course, we would love to arrange your complete flight and travel agenda to Dakhla.

Via Las Palmas / Grand Canary

Finally, there is an easier way to Dakhla. We have met with the responsibles of the airline, which offer the route between Grand Canary -Dakhla, and negotiated a very good deal for you. Usually, you can‘t even register or book your sport equipment in advance on flights from Las Palmas to Dakhla. For our KiteWorldWide guests, we can now ensure that your sports baggage will be carried on the flight, and as a special treat for our KiteWorldWide guests it will also be for free! In addition, we made a deal for a fixed price at a reduced rate for your flight ticket. The airline only flies twice a week to Dakhla (every Monday and Friday).

All charter airlines fly on a regular schedule from many airports to Grand Canary from Germany, Austria and Zwitzerland several times per week. If there isn‘t a late flight back from Las Palmas to your final destination, you can stay over night in the comfortable airport hotel, which is comparatively less expensive to the one in Casablanca. Of course, the transfer will be free of charges.

Via Casablanca

Different airlines fly to Casablanca from many different airports in Germany, Austria and Zwitzerland. The flight time varies between 4 to 5 hours.There is a direct flight connection with Air Maroc from Casablanca to Dakhla and it takes you about 2,5 hours. On your way back, you will have to stay one night in Casablanca to wait for your connecting flight. The airport hotel in Casablanca offers European standards. The older part of this hotel (Relax Hotel) is a little chaeper and the rooms are really alright. Breakfast is rather simple though. The new part of the hotel (opened in September 2013) offers rooms on a reasonable level (4*). The served breakfast is extensive. Of course, there is a free shuttle bus every half an hour to this hotel (very easy to find).

Tip 1: The hotel also offers nice Spa treatments. That way you can have a nice massage, in order to reduce the muscle ache you got from all the massive kite action during your holiday (additional fee, 1 hour for 45 €).

Tip 2: Even if you stay in the Relax Hotel, you should check out the retaurant of the Sky Hotel.

Food and Beverage

In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishers and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can only be considered very little – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.