Kitesurf holiday in Essaouira

Morocco: Kitesurfing in Essaouira


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+ Great atmosphere in the old town of Essaouira
+ High wind probabilty
+ Safe beginners spot with shallow area
+ Great for  wave beginners and advanced wave kiters, lots of different spots
+ Nice hotels for different budgets

Lots of you have heard about surfing in Morocco. It’s kind of a tradition there. The epic wave spot “Moulay” started getting popular after a wind surfing movie. The first “real” kitesurfing competition was supposed to have been on the beach here in 1997. And people say that Pete Cabrinha and the Wipikas were there, too.

Despite all of this, Morocco is somehow still not on the list of top spots that aren’t too far away. Why is that? We don’t know. It might be because of the pictures of huge waves. But you won’t find waves like those in Essaouira, since the bay is protected by an island a little further out to sea. Or it could also be some of the prejudices some Europeans have toward unknown Arabian countries. We can assure you that Essaouira has always been very liberal and modern and is a city where even Jimmy Hendrix partied it up and built and sang about his “Castle made of Sand”.

Of course, the narrow alleys in “Medina”- which is inside the former city walls-with all of the small shops take a little bit of getting used to, but with a clear “Lalala” (No, no, no), you’ll be rid of all of the street merchants—as opposed to other countries or even cities in Morocco.

Anyone who can get past their prejudices and would like to experience something other than the Canary Islands or Egypt will be rewarded with a great wind statistic, an almost unbelievably long sandy beach without any obstacles or rocks, an awesome kitesurf infrastructure with an experienced, friendly team. On top of that, you’ll be able to visit around half a dozen other spots for different ability levels all within 30 min., experience Mediterranean-Arabian flair incl. great food and excellent accommodations all at affordable prices.

We’ll see you in Essaouira, ‘inshallah’!


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Kitesurf in Essaouira

Kitesurf Spot

The Essaouria Bay is the first destination for everyone—beginners and advanced kitesurfers alike! A huge, ca. 4 km long and up to 800 m wide, crescent-shaped sandy beach with wind from the right is the basic ingredient for a prefect kitesurf vacation. From April to October, the strong, dependable winds, strengthened by thermal effects, are accompanied by reduced swell and, therefore, smaller waves. During this period, the wind comes down out of the north and is side shore or side onshore. Since the bay is bent, it is especially safe, because you always end up back on the sandy beach without any obstacles. Further out you’ll find waves with regular intervals, so you always have time to prepare for the next run. It’s even perfect for wave beginners. And halfway up the bay is the KiteWorldWide partner kitesurfing center.

A little way south downwind is a river mouth with excellent conditions for freestyle.

About half an hour north, you’ll come to the wave spot “Moulay”. At high tide, this spot is only for experts. With powerful waves several meters high together which start on the cliffs, underwater reef and strong current, you should definitely know what you’re doing and be prepared for your kite not surviving if you drop it – we’re speaking from experience…

Sidi Kaouki – ca. 20 min. south of Essaouira – is another awesome wave spot. Very strong winds in the summer that are increased by a jet effect here will keep your 6m² kite in the air and hit the heart of the shaft groove. In between, before and after, are a number of other spots we would love to show you once you arrive.

KiteWorldWide Packages

For your perfect, no-worry kite vacation to Morocco, we offer complete packages for kitesurfers of different levels that you can combine with different hotels.

Service always included:

– Kite service as booked

– Accommodation as booked

– Kite equipment rental after the course for the rest of the week*

– VDWS License incl. theory test

– VDWS Book

– Alternative activities for days with no wind, i.e. surfing or SUP incl. equipment

– Moroccan Berber Dinner with all kite and surfing students and the team (incl. food and non-alcoholic beverages)

* You must be able to control the kite safely


Our partner kitesurf center run by Sara and Nasser, an English woman and her Moroccan husband, is right on the beach. Nasser has worked for a well-known kitesurfing school chain in different destinations for over a decade. But when the schools started losing quality due to poor management, he decided to open his own kite station in his home country.

You’ll meet lots of new people quickly and go out with them in the evenings for dinner and some fun. The kite and surfing instructors are up for anything and would love to show you “their” Essaouira. So, it’s not strange for you to go with the whole group to the market or out to eat in a traditional Berber “restaurants” where they prepare everything on the grill. Then, you’ll enjoy your meal on a balcony with a beautiful view of the historic district before you continue on. Either to a bar or right to bed – so you’re ready for the next day of wind and water.

Courses / Gear

Kitesurfing courses

The center is, naturally, VDWS certified and works according to international standards.

Kitesurfing gear

New equipment from the current season from North Kiteboarding and BEST as well as professional instructors guarantee quick progress.

Beginner Package (1week)

You’re completely new to the sport? This is just what you’re looking for!

– Beginner course 4-5 Days (12 Hours) incl. all equipment

At only: 420 €

An additional day (25 €) includes all kitesurf equipment rental and all necessary accessories (wetsuit, harness, vest, etc.)

Intermediate Package (1 week)

You’ve had a course in the past, but still aren’t quite where you need to be? With this package, you’ll be back on your board!

– Refresher Course 2-3 Days (8 Hours) incl. all kite equipment

At only: 390 €

An additional day (25 €) includes all kite equipment rental and all necessary accessories (wetsuit, harness, vest, etc.).

Advanced Package (1 week)

Can you kite and are you bringing your own equipment with you? Awesome! We have just the right thing for you:

– Storage in the kitesurf center (so you won’t have to drag your stuff around all the time)

– 1 Day Excursion to a different kite spot (depending on conditions, i.e. to Sidi Kaouki or Moulay)

– Berber Dinner

At only: 85 €

Extra Days (5 €) include storage

Advanced Wave Kitesurf Introduction (1 week)

So, you know how to kite but want to learn how to kitesurf in waves on a waveboard? Essaouira is the place to be:

– 2 hour Wave Kite Introduction Course – strapless and with current North Wave Board

– Wave Board Rental for the rest of the week

– Storage in the kite center (so you won’t have to drag your stuff around all the time)

– 1 Day Excursion to a different kite spot (depending on conditions, i.e. to Sidi Kaouki or Moulay)

– Berber Dinner with all other students and the team

At only: 265 €

Extra Days (15 €) include storage and wave board rental


Rental Package

Like the Intermediate Package, but without the course. Please note that you should be able to go upwind and have secure control over the kite for your own safety.

At only: 300 €

An additional day (25 €) includes all kite equipment rental and all necessary accessories (wetsuit, harness, vest, etc.)

Extra Services

SUP and Surf

Nasser doesn’t just offer courses for kite surfing, but also for surfing and SUP – especially during the winter which has less wind, but more waves.

Accommodations in Essaouira

Before we go into more detail here, we would like to explain what a “Riad” is. A Riad is an old Moroccan townhouse in which the wealthy used to live that has been converted into a hotel. Riads come in different price and quality classes. The houses we offer have all been beautifully remodeled in the last few years and will entice you with their stunning, artistic details and open courtyard and balcony with a breath-taking view over the whole Medina to the sea and the beach. So, you’ll be able to check out the whole area while breakfasting on the terrace.

All of the Riads are inside the Medina, the historic part of Essaouira, and, thus, only a few minutes from the beach. You can either take the short 10 min. hike from there to the kitesurf school on the beach, or grab a taxi for 5 Dirham (0.45 EUR).

Please understand that breakfast is French-sweet. Sausage and cold cuts are not eaten here, but instead there is excellent coffee, tea, fresh orange juice and (sometimes at an extra price) eggs.

Riad Al Zahia

This beautiful middle-class Riad was purchased by a Spanish owner and completely renovated offers a total of 10 carefully decorated rooms. Apart from a common room and breakfast room, there is also a tea room with a fireplace for relaxing at the end of the day. The whole house has free wireless internet. Upon request, you can also receive a traditional Tajine dinner which you of course will have to eat traditionally (with your hands)!

Riad Maison du Sud

The oldest of the Riads in Essaouira, run since 2000, is comprised of two houses with 24 rooms. It is the simplest of the houses we offer. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not decorated nicely. Particularly the single rooms are especially affordable, so you don’t pay quite as much attention to the older design. Some of our guests told us that there was a sort of musty smell, but we did not notice that even though we were paying special attention. You can receive free wireless internet in the restaurant.

Dar L’Oussia

The Dar L’Oussia is the alternative for those of you who don’t mind spending a little more money for some luxury. Here you’ll find 23 beautiful, spacious rooms in three different categories (comfort, luxury, suite). Apart from a restaurant and a bar in the courtyard as well as the must-see roof terrace with a direct view of the ocean, there is also an in-house spa (not incl.). You can even get free wireless here.

General Information

How to get to the Hotel/ Kitecenter?

Airport transfer (prices for a round trip per car) from Marrakesh or Agadir:

PersonenanzahlPreis pro Person von MarrakeschPreis pro Person von Agadir
1 Person140 €160 €
2 Personen70 €80 €
3 Personen47 €54 €
4 Personen45 €50 €
6 Personen30 €34 €
8 Personen25 €28 €

Airlines & flights

Airport: Marrakesh (RAK) or Agadir (AGA)

Various charter flight airlines from all over Europe fly to Marrakesh and Agadir for between €200 and €400.

From the UK you have many opportunities to get to Marrakesh or Agadir with Easyjet, British Midland (Sports equipment is free), Ryanair or RoyalAirMaroc. Most of the flights will depart daily.

One connection of these flights is for example with British Midland from London Heathrow to Agadir or Marrakesh. You can take your sports equipment for free and it will depart daily.

From France AirFrance, Royal air Maroc and Ryanair will get you every day to Marocco. From Paris you can get to Marrakesh with AirFrance.

From Italy you can fly to Marrakesh or Agadir with Ryanair and Sun Air. Ryanair will depart daily and goes for exmaple straight from Milan and Pisa to Marrakesh.

From Scandinavia you will have to take a longer journey into consideration, as there are no direct flights. Good connections are via Gatwick/London with Norwegian from Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm, continuing with with Easyjet. Other possibilities are via Germany. We know the best connections, so please ask.

From Marrakesh, it takes about 2 hours (from Agadir 3 hours) to get to the kite center, and you will be transported with a modern, comfortable cars or minivans with safe, english-speaking drivers.

Food and Beverage

In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishers and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can only be considered very little – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.