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Kite Lodge Kenya

Kitesurfing, diving and safari in one perfect Kenya holiday


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+ Dreamlike kite lodge – now managed by KiteWorldWide
+ Diverse flatwater spot
+ Absolutely reliable wind in winter, good wind statistics in summer
+ VDWS kitecenter with only the latest gear
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

Kenya has long been known as a holiday destination for Europeans. Vacationers are drawn by activities such as deep-sea fishing, diving and wildlife safaris. Now in a beautiful area hidden just south of Mombasa, we have discovered epic flat water (16 sq km!) surrounded by a nature preserve, with thermal winds for a total of six months out of the year!

At Kite Worldwide we specialize in catering to beginner and advanced kitesurfers, delivering you exotic destinations with ideal conditions that are off the beaten path of the crowded tourist havens. So at our Kenyan Kite Resort we offer introductory training courses as well as instruction for intermediate, and advanced kite surfers. In addition we offer full gear rental so you can go kitesurfing without making a big commitment.

Here you will find the only VDWS licensed kitesurf school in Kenya, always with the newest kite gear (BEST, Core, North, Brunotti…) available for testing and rental. You won’t find a better place to learn kitesurfing. This is the spot where even the eight-time kitesurf world champion, Gisela Pulido, holds her three months long training camp in the winter time. But no worries, as our vision is ‘class instead of mass’, we only let a number of max. 38 guests book at the same time. You will always have enough space on the water to tumble around and bring your skills to new levels.

Besides the amazing kitesurfing conditions in Kenya you can find a great diving area just around the corner (5 min. by car to the PADI diving school) and the best Safari National Parks on this planet. So whether you’re accompanied by non-kiting friends or just like some variety in your holiday the KiteWorldWide Lodge Kenya is the place to go!

Have a look at the video documentation filmed by the Kitelife team visiting us:


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kenia kite lodge kitesurf1
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kenia kite lodge coral house5
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kenia kite lodge dinner1
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kenia kite lodge safari5
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kenia kite lodge sup1

Kitesurfing in Kenya

The main spot is a 5 kilometer long river mouth, which is protected by a mangrove forest in the North and South and by a reef in the East.
Because of that, also with strong winds the water remains shallow. With high and low tide, the spot changes due to its sand banks and creates great variation for advanced kite surfers.

Flipmode Island

We offer a trip to the exclusive KiteWorldWide island, Flipmode, everyday during the summer season.

You’ll, of course, also have the option to kitesurf right in front of the lodge, but since we were so convinced by the conditions on Flipmode last year, we didn’t want to keep this trip away from you.

You’ll take a boat about 20 minutes into the open sea until you get to the large sandbank. There you’ll find a huge shallow area about 1 km wide. On the side with offshore wind, there is a boat just in case, so you don’t have to worry about drifting away. Just like almost all the spots on the Indian Ocean, Flipmode Island is dependent on the tide. 2.5 hours before and after the tide, you can enjoy some awesome kitesurf sessions. Since you’ll be on a small island in the middle of the ocean, the wind will naturally blow clean and free from the southeast. It is accelerated by the geographic location of the sandbank atolls. In small, approx. 1 m high waves, you’ll be able to practice for your next trip to Cape Verde or improve your tricks or ability in the shallow water areas. You’ll find a simply unbelievable kitesurf ambience here with a view of the beautiful island Funzi.

In the winter, this spot will be offered one or two times a week as a highlight. This is where the downwinder tour will begin, approx. 4 km above the open water up to the KiteWorldWide Lodge. To take part in this tour, you will have to be able to kitesurf upwind perfectly.

Courses / Gear

Kitesurf Courses

In the official VDWS Kite Center you can get your internationally accepted kitesurf license. The VDWS licensed instructors teach at the highest possible standard in English and German.

Kitesurf Gear

At the KiteWorldWide VDWS kite center we use only the latest BEST Kiteboarding equipment from the current season.


So you don’t land in some tourist trap, we have contracted the private island of a German immigrant. Our lodge is located in the middle of the mangrove sanctuary in “Mwazaro” only 80 km south of Mombasa. It is the only VDWS licensed kiteschool in Kenya.

Beginners Kitesurf Camp

(5 days, 15 hours kitesurf course )

(3 days, 9 hours kitesurf course )

If you or someone who has never even hopped on a skateboard, then this three hour a day, five day course will get you up and running. The course includes kite surfing theory and safety, gear orientation, kite launching techniques, kite control, navigation on beach and in water, how to steer the board, make turns and more. As soon as your instructor deems students ready they may continue to practice on their own at no extra cost.


Advanced Kite Course

(3 days, 9 hours kitesurf course)

For kiteboarders who have spent some time developing skills we offer a two day advanced course. This course covers techniques for jumps (hooked and unhooked), transitions and other tricks.


Refresh Course

(1 day, 3 hours kitesurf course)

(2 days, 6 hours kitesurf course)

You already have some experience but haven’t been kitesurfing for some time and now would like to have some refresh instructions. In 3 hours we will get you to the point where you left last time you were on the water.



At the KiteWorldWide VDWS kite center you can rent or try the latest BEST Kiteboarding equipment from the current season. Even if you are having your own kite equipment this is the perfect chance to test the brand-new kite gear and leave your equipment at home. Sport luggage is always really expensive and with only 45, – Euros per day for renting the latest equipment is a perfect deal.

If you would like to rent equipment we recommend booking the kite gear rental with us before starting your holiday. If you book in advance your kite rent will be up to 50% cheaper, thus you can save a lot of money.


The KiteWorldWide Lodge

Our Kenyan Kite Resort is located at the southern east coast of Africa. There is a main building with a dining area and small restaurant, a beach bar and a chill out area. Our Lodge has three different categories of accommodation:

Coral House – Upper Floor

The rooms are located on the upper floor of the unique stone bungalows, where you have a beautiful sea view terrace. Another highlight of the Coral House Upper Floor is the chic, large bathroom with a view of the mangrove jungle. A stylish ambience creates the living area with african furniture.


The new coral house Neptun has a large all-around balcony in the middle of the palm garden with a nice view directly to the spot.

The coral house with the big balcony surrounded by palm trees right on the spot. After a good kite session you find particularly good sleep in the comfortable bed. The bathroom comes with an exclusive natural stone. Here you can enjoy Kenya from the balcony with view to the beach and the ocean

Coral House Lower Floor

These rooms in the luxury stone bungalows have a living room, bedroom and a private bathroom with hot water. There is a sea view terrace with a stunning view of the spot. The rooms are also equipped with a comfortable double bed, electricity and a fan.

Lodge Apartments

These apartments are part of the main building. Both have two bedrooms and a private bathroom. The apartment Sirius additionally has a large living room and a second lavatory. A spacious terrace offers you a great view to the spot. They are perfect for families or small groups.

Makuti Cottages

These traditional African cottages are made of wood, covered with palm leaves. They are situated directly at the beach. Each Makuti has a comfortable double bed and a spacious terrace with a perfect view to the beach. The nine wooden Makuti Cottages share three ample bathhouses with separate toilets and showers which will be cleaned daily. The two stone Makutis has each their own, external sanitary room.

The Makuti is very nice in its simplicity and located right at the spotYou could not be closer to the nature – the Makutis right on the beachYou can use the terrace as a kite storageSimple and close to the nature is the motto of the MakutiThe terrace is a nice location to start in a Kenya dayFor everyone who likes simplicity: A comfortable bed and a simple beach hut match perfectly together

Half board always included!

All of our Kenyan Island packages include breakfast and dinner. We have no cheesy buffets here! Our in-house chef daily prepares a wide range of fresh, delicious meals. We do our best to accommodate all dietary preferences. Vegetarian? Pescatarian? Let us know what you prefer and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.

You can grab lunch and snacks whenever you want at our beach bar. There you’ll find typical African dishes as well as western food such as sandwiches, burgers and seafood dishes, all at reasonable prices.

SUP (Stand-Up-Paddeln)

In Kenya, it usually seems like the wind starts at the push of a button in the morning.

For the early birds among you, stand up paddling is awesome and a great whole body workout. You’re in action the whole time, since you have to constantly balance yourself, and really use all of the muscles in your body. A great start for the day.

Of course, you can also grab a board if there’s wind and get a completely different perspective.

The area around the lodge is perfect for gliding across the water on a large surfboard with a paddle.

While the tide comes in, there are smaller waves that you can practice on for the big ones.

You also have the opportunity to rent SUP equipment and design your own workout. You can get an introduction from the local team.

We have recent boards and paddles from Best and Naish available for you.

Alternative Activities

Kite & Safari in Kenya

5 day kitesurfing course & 2 day safari Tsavo east

A holiday in Kenya without going on Safari is just like a kitesurfing holiday without wind.

We offer organized tours which leave directly from the Private Island Lodge and strongly recommend at least a two-day safari, for example into the Tsavo East and West National Park, to experience the unimaginable natural beauty of this country. We work together with a famous German safari company whose safaris feature excellent guides and modern vehicles with few tourists.

The safaris we offer always include:

  • All transportation to and from the lodge
  • Entrance into the parks and safaris
  • All accommodations with full pension
  • Driver/guide, water

Safari packages:

We have two different safari packages for you that cover just about everything. You will be sure to see elephants, antelopes, giraffes, buffalos, lions, monkeys, and, with a little luck, leopards, rhinos and hippos.

Tsavo East Safari

This safari – two days in the Tsavo East National Park – is an adventure to the “red elephants”. including one night stay in a double room at Lions Hill Lodge and 2 game drives , full pension and all park entrance fees.
Discover the Tsavo East National Park with all its facets. 379€

Tsavo East and West Safari

A three-day safari in the Tsavo East and West National Parks. Discover amazing nature and wildlife. Incl. 2 nights, one at Lion Hill Lodge in Tsavo East and 1 at Lions Bluff in Lumo Sanctuary in Tsavo West.
Full pension and all park entrance fees. 529€

Diving in Kenya

Only a few minutes by car and a short boat trip away from the KiteWorldWide Lodge, you’ll find one of the best diving areas on this planet.

We partner with an official PADI/Naui diving school led by a dutch couple. Selina und Harm are both PADI MSDT Dive & Emergency First Response Instructor.

Both have worked as diving instructors worldwide for many years until they settled in Wasini Island. They offer various dive lessons in different diving areas around Kisite and Wasini. Of course you can obtain your official diving license here.

PADI/Naui Open Water: 380 € incl. 4 open water dives. Teaching material, logbook and certificate is available at the spot for an extra fee of 40€.

PADI/Naui Advanced Kurs: 350 € incl. 5 dives. Teaching material and certificate is available at the spot for an extra fee of 40€.

Advanced divers can take part in daily trips to various diving areas to the Marine National Park. This tour includes the boat tour to the Marine Park, Snacks, soft drinks and equipment. 75 € plus 15 € entrance to the park, plus 30 € for one dive, or 55 € for 2 dives). Non-divers are also invited to come along.

The whole package:

Kitesurf and dive

5 days kitecourse & PAD! Open water diving course for 750,- Euros (instead of 850,-)

Snorkel Excursion

If you don’t feel like going diving or taking a diving course, you also have the option of going snorkeling. You’ll head out on a boat into the open sea and can experience the unbelievable underwater world. It will be an unforgettable experience you should not let slip past you.

Village Tour (1/2 Tag)

A guide will show you the life of the people that live around the KiteWorldWide Lodge. You will visit a school and get the chance to get to know something about the “real life” of the Kenyan people. In this village there is an old Baobab tree which is supposed to posess certain energy and spiritual power. You will also visit some local (handycraft) shops.

Deep-sea fishing (1 day)

You spend a day out at the sea on a fully equipped fishing boat. You and your company get the chance to fish something for your dinner. When you are back at the lodge our chef will prepare your catch!

Mangrove Tour (1/2 day)

Discover the mangrove woods wildlife just a half hour boat ride away from the lodge.

Relaxing (1 to ? days)

If you do anything be sure to remember to spend sometime doing nothing. The Kenyan Kite Resort is a phenomenal place to learn and enjoy the sport of kite boarding. But it is also a fantastically quiet andpeaceful place to simply decompress from the rest of life. No traffic, no phones,no kids, no teachers – absolutely NO ONE is going to bother you!

Our Kenya Blog:

General Information

Seasonal aspects

Trade winds of different strengths are constantly blowing through “Mwazaro” from side shore to the onshore side and are divided into two seasons.Six months of the year, the wind blows from the northeast (Kaskazi) and from the southwest (Kuzi) for the remaining six months.

After the “short rain” in October, the Kaskazi lasts from the beginning of December to the end of February. After that, it weakens and comes to a standstill around the end of March. Between Christmas and the end of February, the wind blows reliably like clockwork and starts getting stronger in the late morning and continues to increase throughout the day.

The Kuzi comes from “long rain” and blows even harder, but not quite as constant as the Kaskazi. So, every once in a while you will experience a day without any wind where you can rest your body after hours of kitesurfing.

With this in mind, the best time for kitesurfers is from December 15th to March 15th and from July 1st until September 15th. Usually you can still kitesurf in November and April, but there are sometimes lulls that can last for days.

How to get there?

Airport: Mombasa (MBA)
From Scandinavia:
You can fly with Condor via Frankfurt to Mombasa from Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen several days a week. The flight from Frankfurt then takes 8h30m before we pick you up at the airport in Mombasa and bring you the two hours long drive to our Lodge.

There are also scheduled flights with different stopovers flying from Scandinavia to Mombasa, just ask, and we will find the best flight and connection for you.


The local currency is “Kenya Schilling”.

In our lodge you can pay via Euro, US-Dollar,  (free of charge) Visa/Mastercard and Kenya Schilling.
Per day you should calculate between 10 and 20€ for food and drinks.


You can get a Visa on arrival at the airport, for 50$.


Wifi is available for a one time charge of 10€.


Our school is the only, fully VDWS certified kiteschool in Kenia.
Kiterservice consists of: Start- and landing service, support by teachers and kite cleaning.

Which Kite do I need?
In summer 10-15m (most used kite 12m)

In winter 8-15m (most used kite 10m)

The Spot

The main spot is located right in front of your door step.
During the summer season we’ll also daily go to “Flipmode” island, which is located 20min by boat from the lodge.

Food and Beverage

In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishers and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can only be considered very little – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.