Kitesurfing in Brazil

Kitesurfing in Tatajuba close to Jericoacoara


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+ Incredibly beautiful pousada far from crowded spots
+ VDWS kite center managed by KiteWorldWide
+ Flatwater spot in front of the door and other spots nearby
+ Best wind in Brazil
+ Jericoacoara only 45 min. away
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

Tatajuba, a name that awakens the senses! This small, almost forgotten place lays west of Jericoacoara (“Jeri” for short) on the mouth of a river. Anyone who used to know and love Cumbuco as a small, out-of-the-way fishing community will really be able to appreciate this spot. Empty spots, wind and just kiting, kiting, kiting. And if you want to party, Jeri, with its laid-back atmosphere and wild nightlife, is not far away and worth at least one trip.

This really is a kitesurf paradise: one of the best shallow water spots with the most reliable and strongest wind in Brazil. The wind blows constantly from July to the end of February and makes sure that you’ll have nearly endless kitesurf sessions. When the spots around Fortaleza “lose the puff” in December, you’ll still have enough wind in your kite here for another two months. The spot is located right next to your accommodations and on the mouth of a river. Even at high tide you can find enough shallow areas where you still can stand. You’ll have an unimaginable amount of space to cruise around and try out new jumps. A few hundred meters further down the mouth of the river, you’ll have another awesome spot with small “kicker waves” and only four kilometers away from a big sweet-water lagoon.

The pousada that we found on our discovery tour of Brazil is a true beauty and totally KiteWorldWide style. Located insanely close to the kite spot with a large garden surrounded by palms, you’ll find our “Garden of Eden” in an area of northeast Brazil that has become very touristic. Besides other kiters, you’ll see small monkeys and chameleons—among others. There are several lounges in the pousada where you can relax in a hammock or on a comfortable sofa after a tiring session—or even in the big pool.

In the video on the right side, you will get a first impression of the awesome kitespot on the lagoon and the beautiful pousada.


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Kitesurfing in Brazil

Kitesurf Spots

Tatajuba River Mouth

This spot is right next to our accommodations. It’s a river mouth whose further course ends in the ocean. The entire area is, for the most part, shallow enough to stand in at high tide. At low tide you can just walk to the end of the river mouth and kite in the sea. The wind at this spot is strong and reliable. On really windy days, you can also go to the spot at Laguna La Torta. In spite of the awesome conditions here, there are never very many kiters around.

There’s a kitesurfing school directly at the spot with courses for beginners and advanced and equipment available for rent.

Tatajuba Wave Spot

You’ll find the wave spot just a few 100 meters away from the Pousada, shortly after the river mouth on the ocean side. Here you’ll experience nice kicker waves and good wind. A perfect spot for both wave-beginners as well as advanced wave-kitesurfers as the wind has a perfect angel to the waves.

Downwind Tours (Guriu-Tatajuba & Tatajuba-Camocim)

Tatajuba is a perfect start for downwind day tours. The kitesurf school will bring you to Guriu, and guide you on your tour. You can also start directly at Tatajuba direction Camocim. Both downwind tours offers about 15 km with variable wave conditions, everything from one to three meter big waves.

Laguna La Torta

The nearby lagoon “Lagoa da Torta” is a much more famous spot with awesome kitesurf conditions. This beautiful sweet-water lagoon with a big standing range of shallow waters, lays in the middle of the dunes and stretches for 16 kilometers into the land. The wind might be less strong and a bit gusty, due to the surrounding dunes. It is, however, perfect for days when the wind is too strong at the coast.

On the beach, there are plenty of coconut palms and a “Barraca”, the Brazilian word for small restaurant on the beach. After a successful day on the water or during a short break, you can relax in a hammock and enjoy a cold coconut.

We also recommend that you try the local cuisine—delicious fish and regional specialties at cheap prices.

This spot is about 4 km away from the pousada and reachable by buggy transfer (at an additional charge).

Secret Spot

In the farer surroundings of Tatajuba you can find the Secret Spot, with the ultimate kitesurf conditions. In order to keep in secret, you get any further information from our kite instructor at the Pousada… ;)


At the KiteWorldWide VDWS kite center you can rent or try the latest equipment from the current season (Best Core, Brunotti…). Even if you are having your own kite equipment this is the perfect chance to test the brand-new kite gear and leave your equipment at home.

If you would like to rent equipment we recommend booking the kite gear rental with us before starting your holiday. If you book in advance your kite rent will be up to 50% cheaper, thus you can save a lot of money.


Directly on the spot in Tatajuba you’ll find the Kitesurf School, which offers courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced kitesurfers.

Here you will appreciate the friendly atmosphere and management of the school. After a long day on the water you can chill in the hammocks with a cool beer and share your stories with other kitesurfers.

The courses are held with VDWS standards.

Kite Camp

15 hours / 5 days course

This course is for someone who has not experience with kitesurfing.  This  5 day camp  with three hour a day will get you up and running. The course includes kite surfing theory and safety, gear orientation, kite launching techniques, kite control, navigation on beach and in water, how to steer the board, make turns and more. As soon as the  instructor sea´s that  students are ready they may continue to practice on their own at no extra cost

Kite gear included

Beginner / Advanced course

8 hours / 3 days

For beginners that have experience with flying kites or other boardsports or  kiteboarders who haven´t spent some time developing skills we offer a three day advanced course. This course covers basics of kitesurfing or  techniques for jumps (hooked and unhooked), transitions and other tricks.

Kite gear included


3 hours / 1 day refresh

You already have some experience but haven’t been kitesurfing for some time and now would like to have some refresh instructions. In 3 hours we will get you to the point where you left last time you were on the water.

Kite gear included

Accommodations in Tatajuba

The KiteWorldWide Pousada in Tatajuba

The pousada that we found on our discovery tour of Brazil is a true beauty and totally KiteWorldWide style. Located insanely close to the kite spot with a large garden surrounded by palm trees, you’ll find our “Garden of Eden” in an area of northeast Brazil that has become very touristic.

There are three different types of rooms available with room for 22 people all in all, spread over several bungalows. All of the buildings are built in a natural, rustic style of wood and clay.The individual equipped rooms remains this unique flair maintained, with exclusive handmade wooden furniture and decorations from local materials. The Brazilian style is complete with roof made out of palm leaves.

There is also Wi-Fi which you can use from basically everywhere in the pousada. The connection is very good and stable comparing to Brazilian standards.


The palafitas are a special kind of accommodation. These are wooden buildings on four meter stilts above the ground. As you can imagine, you’ll have an amazing view of the ocean and the river from these three houses. Each contains a king-size double bed, a shower with warm water, minibar and an electronic safe. Additionally there is a sofa and a desk.


Both of the roomy and comfortable bungalows are equipped with a king-size double bed, air conditioner, minibar, electronic safe and a shower with warm water. A real luxury is the private terrace with hammock from which you have an awesome view into the tropical garden.

Kite Houses

The kite houses are all divided into two separated bedrooms and a shared bathroom. The living room can also be used by all occupants. There’s a large, comfortable sofa and a table for game nights. In addition, there is an electronic safe and minibar. From the hammock in front of the house, you’ll have a beautiful view of the river and the garden.

Beach House

This house is located directly at the spot and is equipped with a bathroom, kitchen unit and a balcony. It consists of one room on the first floor. On the ground floor is the Kite storage. This accommodation is directly at the beach so you be out on the water kitesurfing in just a moment.

Swimming Pool

Even though you have the ocean right at your door, the 60 m² pool is still an attractive option for swimming and relaxing. From the massive 330 m² area around the pool, you’ll have an intense view of the complete spot. However, you can also just lay back on a chair in the sun and take life the Brazilian way: Tranquilo (calm and easy) ;) .


In the middle of the garden is the hotel restaurant. It’s a fully open air restaurant made out of wood, like all the other buildings. The restaurant offers a large selection of fresh fish, steaks, pasta, salads and sandwiches. They have also an authentic wooden oven for pizzas and an area for barbecueing.

The breakfast leaves no wishes unfilled and is included in the price. You can choose between fresh rolls, bread, cakes, cereal, a selection of tropical fruits and a minor assortment of cold cuts. Crepes and eggs are made on order. You’ll also have the choice between coffee, tea and fresh juices.

At the bar you can get all kinds of fresh fruit juices all day long, as well as soft drinks and beer or cocktails. You should not leave Brazil without trying the typical Brazilian Caipirinha, made out of Brazillian rum, squeezed limes, fine sugar and crushed ice. The bar also offers snacks and small dishes.

Further Services

In your room you’ll find towels and bedclothes. Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant. However, there are no public PCs or laptops available for use. In the hotel itself German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch are spoken along with English.

Extended services include massages, yoga courses, laundry service as well as the option of borrowing books, DVDs or board games.

Alternative Activities

Other Activities besides Kitesurfing (not included in travelprice)

If you need a little change from water and kiting, you speeed through the enormous dunes in Funil with a beach buggy. Taking it to the extreme would be to try out the sand boarding in the dunes.

Tatajuba is located between the city well known to kite- and windsurfers, Jericoacoara (30 km) and the fishing community, Camocim (25 km). You can reach each one of these places either by public transportation or with the beach buggy.


Jericoacoara, or ‘Jeri’ as insiders name it, is known for its relaxed atmosphere and wild nightlife. The night really gets going around midnight, and everyone who can keep it longer going can party all night long.

Although Jeri only consists of four sandy streets, there is an astonishing number of restaurants, pousadas, and small, interesting shops.

Active vacationers have the chance to let some steam off in Jeri. Apart from kitesurfing, you can learn the popular Brazilian battle dance, Capoeira, on the beach, go sand boarding in the dunes or try your luck on the back of a horse.


Camocim is located on the mouth of the Rio Coreaú on the border of the “Land of endless possibilities”, Piaui. Here you’ll find post offices, banks, hospitals, shops, a bus station and lots of different hotels and pousadas. The market and village life are definitely worth a visit!

Wellness & Yoga

In the KiteWorldWide Pousada they offer yoga classes and you can  book massages on site.

General Information

Country and People

Tatajuba is one of the most beautiful and untouched places along the northern coast of Ceará in northeast of Brazil. This small community is about 300 km northwest of Fortaleza. Tatajuba is surrounded by huge, white sand dunes, coconut palms, mangroves and small freshwater lagoons.

The 500 inhabitants make their living from fishing, raising cattle and agriculture, in a peaceful and traditionally way.

In the 80s, Tatajuba was covered slowly but steadily by the moving dunes, leading to the reconstruction of the entire village on the other side of the lagoon.

On the other end of the town, you’ll discover a large, hardened dune. It’s called “Duna Encantado” or “the cursed dune”, since many of the inhabitants believe an old pirate ship is buried underneath it. According to an old legend, you can still hear old pirate songs at night…


How to get there?

Airport: Fortaleza (FOR)

From Scandinavia:

Via Lisbon, TAP will bring you to Fortaleza from every Scandinavian capital. You can choose to spend one night in Lisbon, or take a transfer waiting time of prox. 4 hours into consideration.

Condor often has special offers from Germany with cheap tickets, but you will have to go via Frankfurt and Salvador.


Many roads lead to Tatajuba, but your trip will start at the airport in Fortaleza. After your arrival in Brazil, you’ll have two options to get to the KiteWorldWide Pousada in Tatajuba:

You can either take a direct airport transfer, where a well-established transportation company will pick you up with a minivan (approx. 4 hours drive).

Or you can take the bus from Fortaleza to either Jijoca, Jericoacoara, or Camocim where you’ll be picked up by a pousada employee in a buggy (approx. 30 min.). The busses leave directly from the airport and are extremely comfortable with air conditioning and reclining chairs. The bus trip takes about 5 to 6,5 hours, depending on the destination, and costs between €15 and €20 (depending on destination) per person one way.

There is a difference in price between the two above-mentioned transfers (Paid upon arrival):

All prices are one way!

Direkt transfer
Bus & Buggy transfer